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The Straato Discord Community

The Straato Discord Community is not yet available. The Community will open during the first trading cycle.

Goal of the Straato Community

Straato cannot complete its mission of redefining traditional notions of financial value without a vibrant community. There are infinite possibilities for how the Straato Marketplace can manifest itself and we need your engagement to discover them. To foster this engagement, we have created the Straato Community on Discord, a popular communication platform, with a few key goals:

  1. To create an active, positive, and productive social dialogue amongst participants in the Straato Marketplace. Excelling on the Straato Marketplace is a tough yet fun intellectual challenge, and we invite users to discuss/share lessons learned, trading strategies, and more. Engage with the Community to increase your profits and meet other members!
  2. To allow for the reporting of Marketplace bugs and issues. Our Marketplace has been rigorously tested, but, as with any novel system, there may be minor issues that emerge. We also invite users to request new features or changes to the user interface and/or functionality. Not to mention, if you seek to contribute to the Straato project, reach out to
  3. To allow for inquiries into how the Straato Marketplace works. Feel free to reach out via the Straato Community with any such questions!

Joining the Straato Discord

Joining the Straato Community on Discord is very easy! Simply go to the "Community" link displayed on the page header of the Straato Dashboard. Please note that you must be logged in to the Straato Marketplace in order to access the Community Discord. If you already have a Discord account, you should have no issues joining immediately. If you are new to Discord, you may be required to create a Discord account before joining our server. If you find yourself struggling to join for any reason, please reach out to with questions.


Tips for Engaging the Community

Alongside adhering to the Straato Community Policies and Terms of Use, here are a few important tips to get the most out of engaging with the community.

  1. Post specific information. If you seek to share a trading strategy with the Community for replication, whether it be quantitative or general, please share specific details. If you are responding to others’ posts and strategies, be specific in your critique or analyses. If you want to create a coalition with other owners, make sure that your goals are clear!
  2. Stay on topic. Each channel of the Straato Community Discord has a very specific purpose. Please read the purpose descriptions of each channel before posting.
  3. Share ideas. Don’t hesitate to share new ideas with the Community! Whether it be requests for new features/data on the Marketplace or ideas for insightful trading strategies, share them with Community members. The more you engage, the more fun Straato can be!
  4. Have fun. The Straato Community is supposed to be fun and entertaining. We need you to keep it interesting!

Straato Marketplace Culture

Just like in any exchange system, financial competition between participants is a key component of how the Straato Marketplace operates. That being said, we understand that engaging with the Marketplace and Community can be stressful. However, we seek to build a community of constructive and respectful dialogue, in accordance with the Straato Community policies. Furthermore, we want to create a collaborative, exciting, strategic, and intellectual culture. We want the smartest people in the world to help us redefine financial value and teach the world what a next-generation economy could look like. We ask that users buy into that mentality - this is not a place for people fooling around!

Contacting Us

The Straato Marketplace seeks to facilitate a positive user experience on our platforms. We welcome your ideas, suggestions, and inputs to guide us towards achieving that vision. We encourage you to reach out via the Straato Community on Discord or via email to We may not respond to your suggestions right away, but that does not mean that we do not value your thoughts.

If you have issues with your account or more pressing questions related to any of the components of the Straato Marketplace, please reach out as well. We will do our best to respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.