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Straato Community Policies

Straato Community policies on Discord and any other relevant platforms are taken very seriously. Any violation of our Community policies may result in your removal from the Discord server and any other Community platforms. Egregious, malicious, or potentially dangerous behavior may even result in the banning of your Straato user. Our full Community Policies are listed below.


Spam has a negative impact on discussions via our Community Discord and is prohibited. Spam includes posting any malicious links, promoting other products (including cryptocurrencies), or posting information far off-topic in a given channel, in accordance with the Tips for Engaging the Community.

Prohibited Content

We prohibit any discussion of violence on our Community Discord and do not condone any such actions. Harassment and bullying is also expressly prohibited within the Straato Community and goes against our mission of creating a collaborative, intellectual, and fun Community. Hate speech, including the use of disparaging slurs, is also expressly prohibited with our Community. Hate speech is defined as a serious attack on a group or individual based on their race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, sex, religion, caste, serious medical condition, or disability. Violations of U.S. law on our Community Discord are also prohibited and are the sole responsibility of the user in violation. Straato is not liable for any content posted in our Community Discord and posting any content is at the sole discretion of individual users and members of our Community.

Children and Minors

Children and minors are prohibited from using the Straato Marketplace and participating in the Straato Community. Please see our Terms of Use for more details. Nonetheless, we prohibit adult content of any kind or any content that could be construed as abusive material.

Intellectual Property Rights

Do not post content that infringes any intellectual property or personal right of another party, including copyright, trademark, or privacy rights. These intellectual property rights extend to Straato’s own rights. Using the Straato brand name or logo (or variations) without authorization is also prohibited. For more information on intellectual property rights, please see our Terms of Use.

Reporting Problems

If you see something on the Straato Community Discord that you believe violates our policies or Terms of Use, please report it to us in the Help & Support general category.

Enforcement & Updates

Straato LLC has the sole authority and final decision as to whether content or behavior violates these policies. We may enforce these policies however we see fit, including through removal of content and the suspension of your permission to engage with the Community Discord. Straato LLC reserves the right to change these policies at any time. Policy changes will take effect with the posting of new guidelines.