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Buying Straato

Purchasing Straato Assets‚Äč

Please note that before you are eligible to purchase Straato, you must save your payment information. Details on how to save payment information will be released to the User Guides prior to the beginning of trading.

To purchase assets in the Straato dashboard, use the Buy form in the bottom center of your Straato Dashboard. The Buy form consists of two fields: 1) the number of Straato you wish to buy and 2) the maximum price per asset you are willing to pay.

Upon submitting the form, you will be sold as many Straato as can be provided given the rules of the offer queue. This may or may not be as many as you requested to buy in the transaction, as a sufficient quantity of assets may not be available to purchase at that moment.

buy form

You will be charged according to the exact value of the Straato assets you purchase. This value will not exceed the number of Straato you selected to purchase multiplied by the maximum value you were willing to pay for each Straato, plus the flat fee charge described previously in this user guide. The value reflected in the Buy button is the expected amount you will pay in the transaction, not the maximum. The maximum amount you will pay will be reflected underneath the form inputs, in smaller text, as this can be calculated easily (number * max. price + $0.30). Please be careful with your inputs in the Buy Form, as all charges are non-refundable. Do not be alarmed if you receive less assets than you requested to buy. You will always be charged according to the Straato assets that you receive. However, it may not be possible to fill your full order in accordance with the rules of the offer queue while respecting your maximum price per Straato.