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Monitoring notifications on your Straato dashboard can be a crucial tool for helping to understand the Marketplace and stay up-to-date on changes. You will receive regular broadcast notifications to inform you of Marketplace mode changes, resets, parameter changes, and more. You may also get personal notifications for specific events, like referrals in startup mode, etc.

To check your notifications, click on the mail icon in the Market Parameters & Statistics panel on your dashboard. The icon will not alert you to new or unread notifications, so be sure to check it regularly nonetheless.


Trade History

You may access your full trade history on your Straato dashboard, by clicking the list icon next to the notifications button, on the Market Parameters & Statistics panel. Clicking this button will generate and display a list of your transaction history in the current cycle. You may download your all-time transaction history as a CSV file by clicking the link in the bottom of the pop-up box. The data includes information on the number of Straato involved in each transaction, the type of transaction (buy or sell), prices, and time.

transaction history