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Marketplace Information

The information presented in this section will help you read and navigate the Straato Dashboard effectively. We highly recommend reading The Offer Queue and The Marketplace Reset of this user guide prior to reviewing this section, as the material in this section will assume at least some prior knowledge of the functions of the Straato Marketplace.

The Market Parameters & Statistics widget displays important parameters for the user, including all of the most impactful metrics used in our system to monitor Resets and control the Marketplace. We believe in full transparency and ensuring that users have access to the specific Marketplace parameter values that govern the Straato economy is of critical importance to our mission. For more information on how each metric detailed here is used, please review the previous section of this user guide.

Market Statistics (Live)

The panel displays the following statistics at all times, in all modes:

  1. Last Peak Price - The maximum market price achieved in the last normal mode cycle, before a reset occurred.
  2. Total Straato - The number of Straato in existence, or total asset supply. This may be updated during startup and selloff modes only.

In normal mode, the following statistics can also be seen:

  1. Number of Trades - The current number of trades of Straato assets in the cycle. Each trade constitutes the transaction of a single Straato asset.
  2. Queue Length - The current length of the offer queue or number of available assets to purchase.
  3. Market Price - The lowest price of any offer currently in the queue or the highest price trade already executed if the queue is empty. This value represents the cost of purchasing only one Straato asset at a given time. If you purchase more than one Straato, the prices of all assets in excess of the first one will be greater than or equal to this market price. For example, if the market price is $1, you may purchase 3 Straato at $1, $2, and $3 respectively (for a total of $6). The Buy form will populate the expected cost of your transaction based on the most recent data it has available, but this may not be fully up-to-date in periods of high trading volume (see “Purchasing Straato Assets” below for more information on the Buy process).
  4. Queue Maximum Price - The current highest price of any offer in the queue. This determines the minimum value at which a new offer can be made.
market stats

Market Parameters (Static)

The following market parameters can be seen on the panel at all times and during all modes:

  1. Minimum Reset Ratio Threshold - The minimum threshold of the Reset ratio as calculated in The Marketplace Reset at the end of a given hour. If the calculated ratio falls under this threshold at the end of the hour, a Reset will be triggered.
  2. Maximum Reset Ratio Threshold - The maximum threshold of the Reset ratio at the end of a given hour. If the calculated ratio is above this threshold at the end of the hour, a Reset will be triggered.
  3. Minimum Reset Transaction Threshold - The minimum number of transactions that may occur in the preceding hour to avoid a Reset. If fewer than this threshold of transactions occurs, a Reset will be triggered due to low volume. Please note that this threshold varies between night and day, as defined by the Marketplace.
  4. Maximum Number Per Buy – Defines the maximum number of Straato that can be bought in a single purchase.
  5. Maximum Number Per Price – Defines the maximum number of Straato assets that can be listed on the queue at the same price.
  6. Maximum Number Per Sell – Defines the maximum number of Straato assets that can be listed on the queue at the same time, by the same user (i.e. the maximum you can offer simultaneously).
market params

User Information (Personal)

The panel also displays user information, including the number of Straato you own, the total profit in dollars that you have made in the Marketplace (cumulative all-time), as well as the total percent profit that you have made in the Marketplace (cumulative all-time). Profit statistics are calculated using both the value of currently-owned Straato and the fiat money gained from selling previously-owned Straato. Lastly, the number of referrals a user has made will be included on this panel in startup mode only.

user info

Further Considerations

Notably missing from this panel is the current Reset ratio that the market is operating with. This ratio is what will be compared to the aforementioned Reset thresholds at the end of each hour, to evaluate a market Reset. After very careful consideration by our team, we have decided to not make this real-time metric public information, due to the artificial changes in the market economy that displaying this ratio would yield. The economy might be more prone to rapid and erratic Resets if this were public and may be less likely to restart effectively at the beginning of a new cycle. The actual Reset ratio statistic, however, may be reasonably inferred from the public cycle data through quantitative techniques.