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Main Panel: Mode-by-Mode

The main panel of the Straato Dashboard is an invaluable resource for participating in the Marketplace. The main panel looks very different and serves varied functions in each Marketplace mode.

Normal Mode: Cycle Data Graph

In normal mode, you will be able to view and monitor a live graph of Straato market prices and trading volume for the current cycle. Hover over points on the graph to view specific values. The time interval between points in the graph will vary as a result of the length of the cycle itself and the option to zoom in on specific intervals is not currently supported (we are working on it!). Volume reflects the total trading volume throughout the preceding time interval from the last point on the graph, while the price represents the market price at the timestamp of the point.


We currently do not support the option to download graph data or extract it from the Straato dashboard, nor do we support viewing historical cycle data. The graph will update with live price data every 15 seconds. Stay tuned for new features to be added!

Startup Mode: Making Referrals

In order to grow the Straato community as quickly as possible and make an initial distribution of Straato assets, we provide an incentive for users that join during startup mode to refer new users. Upon joining the Straato Marketplace and completing the full onboarding process, every user is granted free Straato. Users may also earn free Straato for every user that they refer to join the Marketplace during startup mode. In order to make a referral to Straato, you can have someone scan the QR code on your dashboard to get a unique referral link. You may also download the QR code for distribution on social media, etc. Lastly, you can copy and distribute your unique referral link however you choose, in URL form.


There is currently no maximum limit on the number of users that one can refer to Straato, so try to get as many others as possible to join the community! Please note that you will only receive free Straato when your referral completes the full Straato onboarding process, including entering bank information, unique identification, and credentials. When we decide to enter the first normal trading cycle, you will see a countdown in the top central widget of your startup mode dashboard.

Selloff Mode: Pricing

During selloff mode, you will be unable to make offers or sell assets, but purchases will work the same way as normal mode purchases, through the Buy form. Since all assets will be listed at a fixed price, setting the maximum price you are willing to pay for an asset is not applicable. Therefore, you will enter how many assets you wish to buy only. Once again, you will receive and be charged for only what is available to be purchased at the time. You can view the price at which assets are being sold in the top central widget. You will pay this price for each asset purchased. Selloff modes last a fixed amount of time and the dashboard will reflect a countdown for when the mode will change.

Pause Mode: Reasoning

When the market is in pause mode, the top central widget on the dashboard will display a message, indicating the reason for the pause and/or additional pertinent information. A countdown may also be displayed, indicating when the market will exit pause mode, into either normal mode or selloff mode. Between each cycle of normal mode or selloff mode, the market will enter pause mode typically for one hour, to allow time for users to get ready for the next cycle to begin. The market will also enter pause mode in between startup mode and the first official normal mode cycle. In the event of any technical issues or potentially on specific holidays, the market will enter more extended periods of pause mode.