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Selling Straato

Making Offers

When you decide to sell Straato assets in normal mode, you must specify two parameters: 1) the number of assets you would like to sell and 2) the price at which you would like to sell them. When you submit the form to sell assets, you are actually only placing the assets on the “offer queue”, as described in here. Once placed on the queue, assets cannot be removed – all offers are final, so be careful when deciding to sell!

offer form

A variety of rules guide the placement of offers on the queue, including the maximum number of assets that can be sold at one time and various, more nuanced price restrictions that are explained thoroughly here. Offer prices may be automatically adjusted before listing, either increased or decreased, to conform to these rules, after you submit your requested information. The system will always list your assets at a price as close as possible to the price you request, while adhering to the queue rules. In the event that your offer is above the allowed maximum value, the system will attempt to cancel the offer, so as to prevent making the offer at a price below what you request.

Tracking Offers

In normal mode, you can view all of your pending offers on the queue in the “User Offers” section of the dashboard. Due to latency constraints, we can not display the exact position of your offers on the queue (i.e. numbers 9 and 10 in order), but we will display the listed price of your offers in the queue. Please note that this data will not refresh automatically and you may need to refresh your browser window if you are closely monitoring when your assets are sold. Assets on the queue are ordered from lowest to highest price; when offers are listed at the same price, time (first come, first serve) is the next precedent for ordering. Additionally, all user assets will always be sold ahead of any Straato market maker assets when such assets are listed for the same price.


Please understand that the prices of your offers may vary from what you requested in the offer form. These discrepancies are due to our offer queue rules, setting the maximum number of assets that can be listed at a single price, as well as upper and lower bounds for list prices to ensure smooth price increases. This is detailed in more depth in the “How Straato Works” section of this user guide. Our system will always list your assets at the closest allowed price (down to the cent) that you indicated when selling.