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We encourage you to read the sections below to fully understand the Marketplace and its mechanisms before beginning to trade. See our Terms of Services for more information.

What is a Straato asset?

Straato assets, or simply “Straato”, are records in our centralized database. Each asset is recorded in our database with a unique, identifying code. Unlike other digital assets, Straato cannot be exchanged outside of the Straato Marketplace. They are not derived from hashing or proof of work/stake, they do not have a visual representation, and they are not stored on a blockchain. Straato assets have completely uniform properties and cannot be transferred outside of our Marketplace platform.


A Mode-Based Marketplace

The Straato Marketplace operates in 3 modes: “startup”, “normal”, and “selloff”, which define the framework of our system. Startup mode is reserved for the launch of the Straato Marketplace and will be retired after initial launch and the distribution of a benchmark number of Straato (more specifics will be reflected in your Straato Dashboard). The startup application mode allows us to attract more participants to the Marketplace and distribute Straato to users, before beginning real trading cycles. Normal mode constitutes the standard operation of the Straato Marketplace, in which users may buy/sell Straato assets. Selloff mode represents a market-regulating mechanism for increasing Straato supply if necessary. This allows us, the market maker, to sell Straato assets at fixed prices for set periods of time between normal mode cycles.


Mode changes occur on a fixed schedule (oftentimes, set manually) or after the marketplace Resets, as described below. Between mode changes, the Straato Marketplace enters a temporary pause period, typically for one hour, to allow users to regroup and prepare for the next cycle. Users are always notified (through Straato notifications reflected on your Dashboard) about mode changes, so make sure to check your Dashboard frequently to stay up-to-date!