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Selloff Mode

selloff mode

During “normal” mode, no new assets may be introduced into the Marketplace by the market maker. If we were able to create new assets at any point during normal mode cycles, we would risk harming the trading activity of users. Nonetheless, we still require a way to increase Straato asset supply if needed, allowing more people to enter the economy.

To help regulate the Straato economy, the Marketplace will occasionally enter “selloff” mode. During “selloff” mode, the market maker will create new assets and sell them to users at fixed, low prices. You will always receive a notification when a selloff period is approaching, so make sure to frequently check your Straato Marketplace notifications. Assets are still purchased via the offer queue in selloff mode, although price restrictions are dropped to facilitate constant, fixed prices. “Selloff” modes will be relatively rare occurrences and will only happen if we, the market maker, deem it necessary to help regulate marketplace mechanics. For example, if cycles are moving too fast and users cannot participate due to lack of asset supply, a “selloff” mode period may be necessary.