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Startup Mode

startup mode

Upon initial launch, the Straato Marketplace enters “startup” mode. In “startup” mode, after completing the onboarding process, new users will receive a fixed number of free, newly-minted Straato assets. They will also be assigned a unique referral link. You can copy your referral link or download your referral link as a QR code from the Straato Dashboard for distribution to friends and others, on social media or by any means you would like. When a new user completes the Straato onboarding process using your referral link, you will also receive more free Straato! The number of free Straato assets you receive for each referral that completes the full onboarding process and for completing onboarding yourself will be posted on your Dashboard.

This “startup” mode will continue until the Straato Marketplace achieves a desired number of users or assets created. In this way, assets are not “sold” for any money during the launch phase of the Straato Marketplace. Instead, they are simply given away for free to new users. When trading starts in “normal” mode for the first time, users that were granted free Straato assets during startup mode will be required to obtain a certain number of assets (to be reflected in your Dashboard) in order to unlock the ability to sell the free Straato. This requirement ensures that the first marketplace cycle begins with an appropriate number of buyers and sellers. In practice, this means that the top-referring users will be able to sell assets immediately having hit the designated threshold with free coins only. Users that referred only limited numbers of individuals will be required to purchase more assets, stimulating the economy, before being able to sell their free assets.