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Straato in Practice

When designing the Straato Marketplace, we prioritized designing software that was user-friendly and accessible, so as to best achieve our mission of reinventing how we understand financial value in a more accessible way.

Ensuring that the Straato Marketplace is as easy to use as possible is at the core of our mission and we hope to create a welcoming community open to all, without requirements for technical expertise or knowledge of digital assets. This accessibility is crucial to accomplishing our mission of spreading new market ideas, even to those who would not otherwise see, hear, or engage in them.


To this end, our entire platform consists of one dashboard that includes all the tools and information, including real-time market parameters and statistics, that you need to participate in the Straato Marketplace. To access the full dashboard without scrolling, you must use a computer, but our mobile web dashboard still maintains the same simplicity and accessibility of design with scrolling.

We are always working to improve and if there is something that could be more clear or adapted more effectively, we would love to hear about it in our Community Discord!


We also know that trust and security are of critical importance. This is why we do our best to separate our core system from your fiat money (ie. U.S. dollars, etc.). We do not have custody over your money and we want you to feel as safe as possible using our platform. This is why we use a third-party payment processor to manage funds in the Straato Marketplace. We also require hardware-based TOTP multi-factor authentication for all users on our platform. This process is more secure than SMS 2FA or email 2FA. These core elements, combined with our goal of full transparency, make Straato a safe, fun, intellectual, and engaging online Marketplace. Read on to learn how you can get started with Straato!