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Reimagining Market Economics

Straato is the ultimate embodiment of an important principle currently driving a market revolution: that the financial value of anything is derived solely from demand. This is our guiding axiom. After all, if we can create an asset that only goes up by leveraging these ideas, then we can unleash the full potential creativity and flexibility of the markets – so much is possible! Think of an entirely new global economy where anything and everything can be tokenized and traded as digital assets. Think of an economy in which EVERYONE can own and trade these assets, take charge of their financial futures, and play a role in creatively shaping them. Straato opens the door to these imagined futures by bringing the economic ideas necessary to develop them into the mainstream and breaking down stereotypical barriers to their feasibility.


The fundamental purpose of Straato is to facilitate an exchange of Straato assets on our Marketplace and provide an exciting platform for strategic trading of those assets. Just as important, however, is our broader vision: to reimagine how the world sees economics and to contribute to the evolution of the new economic future that the cryptocurrency movement foreshadowed. Straato is not traditional crypto, but its unique properties define the ideals of our guiding axiom, on the way to democratizing finance.

In order to bring this new way of thinking about market economics to the world, we aspire to establish a vibrant online community of individuals willing to embrace the challenge of the Straato Marketplace. We seek interested, intellectual people, driven to discuss strategy and willing to collaborate in order to shape the Marketplace. Do you have what it takes to succeed in the ultimate strategy economy?


We believe that Straato can serve as a catalyst for building a new, more accessible, and more creative economy for all. And we seek to motivate a community behind this mission. Will you join us?

See Marketplace Design: The Ultimate Strategy Economy andEngaging in the Straato Community for more details about the strategic elements of the Marketplace and for instructions on engaging with the Straato Community.