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Welcome to the Straato Docs!

The Straato Docs or User Guides are meant as a resource for members and prospective participants in the Straato Marketplace. We highly encourage consulting these Docs when you have questions about any aspect of the Marketplace or Community.

The Straato Marketplace is the first centralized, cyclical, strategy marketplace in which assets only increase in value through trading! Our Marketplace allows you to easily buy and sell these unique Straato digital assets, while engaging in an exciting and challenging new economy.


What exactly is the Straato Marketplace?​

The Straato Marketplace is simply a trading platform that allows you to trade totally new digital assets that exist nowhere else! You can purchase and exchange Straato with the goal of generating returns while participating in the unique new economy that Straato presents!

A Centralized Marketplace?​

All Straato digital assets are uniform and stored on a centralized database, maintained and operated by the Straato Marketplace. Straato can be bought and sold by platform users, via our patent-pending offer queue system that facilitates transactions. Straato assets have no value outside of the Straato Marketplace and no properties that define them specifically, other than a unique code.


A Cyclical Marketplace?​

While trading is ongoing, the prices of Straato digital assets can only go up! When demand decreases below a threshold, the Marketplace resets to a minimum price to start a new cycle, lending the Marketplace its cyclical nature. Straato temporarily leaves circulation during these resets, so technically only goes up in value, while maintaining the ability of the Marketplace to continue operating. Think of Straato as operating in separate, consecutive periods of trading during which assets solely increase in value.


A Strategy Marketplace?​

The nature of the Straato Marketplace gives rise to a variety of unique intellectual puzzles, involving game theory and more, that make the Marketplace atmosphere very exciting! We aspire to form an intellectual Marketplace Community for users to discuss strategies and techniques in the Marketplace, to maximize the user experience. Straato is meant to be a rewarding, fun experience for users to engage in the ultimate strategy economy!

What is the Vision of Straato?​

Straato’s vision is to create an innovative and fun digital trading platform, guided by the idea that financial value is solely derived from demand. We believe that a future economy guided by this idea can be more accessible, creative, and exciting for all! Straato seeks to bring the ideas necessary to build this new economy into the mainstream, inspiring a new Market Revolution.

The novel functions of our Marketplace allow Straato assets to only go up in price through trading, defying all traditional rules of economics! The uniqueness of the Straato Marketplace will create a fun, competitive community to discover new trading strategies and foster a more democratic digital trading platform for the world.