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Table of Contents

Our Vision: An Imagined Future

Why did we start Straato? What is the goal of the Straato Marketplace? What are the key practical elements of the Marketplace?

Straato Onboarding & Setup

How do I create a Straato Marketplace account? How do I configure my profile?

How does Straato work?

How does the Marketplace facilitate exchanges of assets? What are Marketplace modes? How does the “reset” work?

What does this button mean on my dashboard? Why can’t I buy/sell Straato? How do I view notifications?

Marketplace Design: The Ultimate Strategy Economy

What makes Straato the ultimate strategy economy? How can I create an effective trading strategy?

Engaging in the Straato Community

How do I communicate and brainstorm with other Straato users? How can I contact the Straato company with questions or suggestions?